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RUNGIS express can look back on a long lasting success story: Founded in 1978, the company specialized in buying all sorts of delicacies at the "Rungis" wholesale market in Paris, and bringing them to Germany as quickly as possible.This new approach allowed the company to become market leader in this sector, soon. The name and the Eiffel-tower in the logo are still witnesses of this early period.

Today, RUNGIS express purchases on a global scale: our base range of goods consists of more than 3,000 first-class products coming from more than 60 countries in the world. Among them you can find top-quality meat and poultry, fresh fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables as well as special dairy and bread delicacies, oils and fine spices. When the "RUNGIS express" is really rolling, we are capable of distributing about 45 tons of fresh goods from all over the world to approximately 1.700 first-class gastronomes, delicatessen stores, hotels and restaurants within one delivery night. A huge task, which requires all employees to work against the clock, with maximum precision and with the greatest possible dedication at all times.  

In 2011 RUNGIS express GmbH started a strategic alliance with the Swiss trading company Fideco AG. Together they want to tackle the Swiss gastronomie market with combined resources.

Since April 2016 RUNGIS express and Fideco belong to the Metro Group. Together we want to continue on the path to a successful future and profit of the combined power. RUNGIS express and Fideco will stay autonomous premium players for the upper market segment with first-class expectations.


The old market halls  "Les Halles" dating from Napoleon III times in the French capital Paris were torn down under de Gaulle in 1969. The market was relocatead to the quarter "Rungis" in March 1969.


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