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Storage Temperatures

To be able to permanently guarantee the best freshness of our products, we continuously monitor the specific temperatures in each of our cold stores.

On this page you have access to the current temperatures at any time. Hereby, we offer you as much transparency as possible. (Updates every five minutes.)


Meckenheim Celsius
Dairy Products Cooler8,1°
Dry Products Storage17,0°
Flowers Cooler22,1°
Deepfrozen Storage-18,3°
Declaration Room1,4°
Ham Cooler0,8°
Material storage9,1°
Pre-loading Room 21,7°

last update: 16.Sep.2014 06:52:06

Berlin Celsius
Dairy Goods Cooler6,1°
Fish Cooler6,9°
Flower Room 15,7°
Flower Room 22,8°
Meat Cooler3,0°
Vegetables Cooler8,9°

last update: 16.Sep.2014 06:48:01

München Celsius
Fish & Meat Cooler10,9°
Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Cooler8,0°

last update: 16.Sep.2014 06:48:01

Ladbergen Celsius
Fish & Meat Cooler0,3°
Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Cooler6,1°

last update: 16.Sep.2014 06:52:02

Hamburg Celsius
Deepfrozen Storage-19,6°
Fish & Meat Cooler 14,6°
Fish & Meat Cooler 25,8°
Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Cooler 114,5°

last update: 16.Sep.2014 06:51:02

Heilbronn Celsius
Fish & Meat Cooler3,0°
Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Cooler7,3°

last update: 16.Sep.2014 06:49:02

Frankfurt Celsius
Deepfrozen Storage-22,1°
Fish & Meat Cooler0,4°
Flowers Cooler 15,4°
Flowers Cooler 27,0°
Fruit & Vegetable Cooler 17,0°
Fruit & Vegetable Cooler 25,4°
Fruit & Vegetable Cooler 36,1°

last update: 16.Sep.2014 06:50:02

Salzburg Celsius
Fish & Meat Cooler-0,2°
Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Cooler5,0°

last update: 16.Sep.2014 06:52:02

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