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Product Line

Please notice that the articles listed here represent our total range of products. Some of them are not available at all times since we do not provide any storing. Besides, many products are only offered on a seasonal basis.

For any questions concerning the availability or further information on our products, please contact our sales department (+49 2225 883-100). All products are only available while supplies last.

New in our product range - the latest example for extraordinary cooking literature: "Modernist Cuisine" published by Taschenverlag


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Product Category Art.No.
+elon"Charentais"/11 pc/France
Fruit 26
+odded Peas 4,8kg
Vegetables from A-Z 3333
Abalone wild 6-8 pieces box 3kg France
Oysters and mussels 25478
Abricots/AA/24pc/about 3kg/ France
Fruit 3531
Acacia Honey jar 500g France
Honey/Jams/Preserves 5393
Aceto Balsamico 13 years 250 ml
Vinegar 2480
Aceto Balsamico Cubica 250 ml 8 years
Vinegar 12499
Aceto Balsamico di Modena 500 ml
Vinegar 15204
Aceto Balsamico Modena 0,25 l
Vinegar 23106
Aceto balsamico traditional 100ml
Vinegar 12943
Aceto Balsamico white 1x0,5l
Vinegar 11071
Affilla Cress/16x100gr/ Netherlands
Cresses and sprouts 12935
African Rub preparation for sp ices 1300 ml
RUNGIS spices 14920
Alba Oil / Rape Oil, Canister 10 Litre,Sweden
Oil 6035
Alfalfa cress 500 g Germany
Cresses and sprouts 811
Alfalfa Cress 8x100 g Netherlands
Cresses and sprouts 15269
Almond Oil 0,25 l France
Oil 1489
Almond pulp 3x650 g
Fruit purees and pastes 24670
Alsatian Charr 0,8-1,0 kg Germany
Freshwater fish 24470
Amalthe 180 g France Ziege
Goat's milk cheese from France 557
Amarena cherry 1000ml
Miscellan.products pastry chef 24688
ANCHORENA Haunch of Veal, appr ox. 1,2 kg, Germany
Pieces of veal 153
ANCHORENA Lamb neck, boneless 10x400g from Ireland
Pieces of lamb and goat 3286
ANCHORENA Veal Sweetbread, bag approx 500g
Pieces of veal 172
ANCHORENA Veal Tenderloin 4x 0,7-1,0kg Germany Europool
Pieces of veal 170
ANCHORENA Veal Topside 2,5-3,2 kg, 2 pieces Germany
Pieces of veal 140
Anchovies filet 1 kg Italy
Antipasti and pickled products 91124
Anis blossom from Koppert 4x50 pc Netherlands
Flowers 8750
Apple Blossoms 1x25 pieces
Flowers 6705
Apple juice cur filtered 6x1 l
Fruit/Exotics and fruit juices 5671
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